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To view the current signed iOS versions, signed iOS Betas, as well as the versions that are no longer signed for your device, please select your device model from the list. You will be redirected automatically to the results page*.

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What is the iOS Signing Status (TSS)?

Apple signs only a few iOS versions at a time, and usually the latest builds. This is to prevent users from freely downgrading to older iOS versions and jailbreak. Once a new iOs version is released by Apple, the previous 1-2 versions may stay signed for a few more days or weeks before getting unsigned.

Once an iOS version has been unsigned, it’s not possible to downgrade or upgrade to it anymore unless you have saved SHSH2 blobs while it was still signed, SEP and Baseband are compatible, and there’s a way to set a Nonce Generator on the version you’re currently running.

On this website, you can monitor the changes in the signing of all iOS versions for all devices, including iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Apple does not post anywhere when they sign a version, so if you wanna downgrade to a specific version, make sure to check here if it’s still signed first.

Note: The data on this website is updated in real-time. Once a new iOS version is released or an older one stops being signed, the data is updated in minutes thanks to the API used.

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