How to fix Call Drops App Installation Fails Other Issues with Unc0ver Jailbreak

Unc0ver jailbreak is maybe the most popular jailbreak at the moment, along with CheckRa1n and Taurine Jailbreak. It supports iOS 11.0 all the way up to iOS 14.8 and comes with the Cydia package manager. The jailbreak itself uses a variety of kernel exploits that help Unc0ver do its job, depending on the iOS version.

Unfortunately, Apple has learned a lot from its past mistakes, and we know they hate jailbreaks with a passion. From improving and locking their security even further, to outright hiring jailbreak exploit developers into their teams, Apple has done a lot to make jailbreaking harder.

Over the years Unc0ver, as well as all the rest of the jailbreaks released, had to bypass more and more security features and deal with even more limitations. It’s reasons like this that Unc0ver required a lot of testing and it’s yet to be bug-free.

Jailbreaks are essentially hacking the iOS device to disable security features and run unintended code to allow your tweaks to run – this is bound to fail badly at some point, so here we are. One of the biggest bugs in Unc0ver that remains unfixed as of today is the calls dropping / not coming through while being jailbroken. Other people have also reported other symptoms that can be found below.

What kind of Jailbreak is Unc0ver?

Unc0ver, just like Taurine, is a semi-untethered jailbreak. This means that you can reboot your device and the jailbreak will no longer be enabled, but you can open the application on your phone and re-jailbreak in a few seconds. Upon re-jailbreak, all the previously installed tweaks and configurations will be enabled. Most jailbreaks in 2022 are semi-untethered, it’s been like this for many years.

This is opposed to fully untethered jailbreaks that persist even after a reboot and enable the tweaks immediately after the device boots without requiring user interaction.

Common bugs caused by Unc0ver Jailbreak

  • USB/Wireless Apple CarPlay is not working.
  • Calls sometimes don’t come through while jailbroken.
  • AppStore applications do not install. They get stuck loading forever.
  • AirPlay not working.
  • Wi-Fi / Cellular Data not working as intended.
  • Notes application shows a black screen.
  • Battery Health not displaying in Settings -> Battery while jailbroken with Unc0ver.
  • AirDrop may not turn on sometimes.
  • iMessage / Messages app may crash sometimes.
  • [VERY RARE] Cannot place or receive calls at all.
  • Applications hang when you open them.

With Unc0ver + Fugu14, these issues may be more frequent and easier to notice as parts of this jailbreak combo stay active at all times thanks to the untethered nature of Fugu14.

How to fix Call Drops / App Installation Fails & Other Issues with Unc0ver Jailbreak

If you’re jailbroken with Unc0ver and you experience any of the above-mentioned bugs, there’s one solution that usually works, and that involves restarting the userspace.

IMPORTANT: Restarting the userspace and restarting SpringBoard is NOT the same thing. Many older jailbreaks used to kill / restart SpringBorard / backboard to refresh the device, but that would not work in this situation.

Here’s how to properly restart the userspace on Unc0ver in order to fix many of these issues. This applies to Unc0ver Jailbreak on iOS 12 and newer.

Step 1: Download and install NewTerm2 from Cydia

NewTerm 2 allows you to execute commands directly on your device. It’s a vital application to have for debugging a jailbroken device. I suggest you leave it installed. To get it, search for NewTerm 2 in Cydia. The package is available in the Chariz repo.

If you don’t already have the Chariz repo, the link is:

Step 2: Open NewTerm 2 and run the command

To restart the userspace, type this command in NewTerm 2 then press return.

launchctl reboot userspace

Important: This will make your device act as if it’s rebooting. It’s only a temporary solution to the bugs in Unc0ver. If the bugs come back, run this command again. A full fix for these bugs would require an update to the jailbreak tool itself, and since the tool is closed-source, only Pwn20wnd and Sam Bingner can do this, but don’t hold your breath.

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