iOS 150 1531 PaleRa1n Jailbreak All Compatible Tweaks List

What is PaleRa1n Jailbreak?

The PaleRa1n Jailbreak was released a few days ago as the very first iOS 15 jailbreak with tweaks support.

An update has been released for PaleRa1n jailbreak on November 13th, 2022, which brings tweak support to all checkm8 devices on iOS 15.0 – 15.7.1, with the major drawback being that it requires at least a 32 GB device.

The jailbreak itself takes advantage of some leftover development files forgotten by Apple inside the OTA firmware, and it combines that with Sileo and Substitute to get tweaks working.

All Tweaks Compatible With PaleRa1n (iOS 15.0 – 15.7.1)

Tweak NameCompatibility StatusRepoOther Notes
Accent ✅ Fully CompatibleBigBossN/A
Amber⚠️ Partially CompatiblePoomSmartChanging flashlight color doesn't work when enabled
Amelija ✅ Fully CompatibleTwickdN/A
Atria⚠️ Partially CompatibleCharizWidgets may have random issues.
BatteryBoobs ✅ Fully CompatibleDEB FILEN/A
CC On & Off ✅ Fully CompatiblePoomSmartN/A
CCBalance ✅ Fully CompatiblekingpuffdaddiN/A
CCSupport ✅ Fully Compatibleopa334N/A
Checkl0ck ⛔️ BROKENHavocCrashes to Safe Mode. Not installable anyway.
ColorMeNotifs ⛔️ BROKENPackixCrashes to Safe Mode.
ColorMyBattery ✅ Fully CompatiblePackixN/A
Dodo ✅ Fully CompatibleGinsu TweaksN/A
Dress ✅ Fully CompatibleTaurigeN/A
DualClock 2⚠️ Partially CompatibleGinsu TweaksLock Screen works but the Status Bar doesn't.
EmojiPort (iOS 12.0-14.8) ✅ Fully CompatiblePoomSmartNeeds you to edit the Control file to install it.
Eneko ✅ Fully CompatibleTaurigeN/A
Ersatz ✅ Fully CompatibleSkittyN/A
Filza File Manager 64-bit⚠️ Partially CompatibleTigi SoftwareCrashes when tapping DEBs or Binaries
HideSerialNumber ✅ Fully CompatibleichitasoN/A
Kalm ⛔️ BROKENCharizRespring loops
Laetus⚠️ Partially CompatibleSparkDevUser apps can't be injected without no-sandbox
LockApps ✅ Fully CompatibleGinsuN/A
Lower ✅ Fully CompatiblePackixN/A
Neonboard⚠️ Partially Compatible ArtikusHGTheming application icons are bugged
NewTerm 2 ✅ Fully CompatibleCharizN/A
OTADisabler ✅ Fully CompatibleichitasoN/A
PerfectTime ✅ Fully CompatiblejohnzaroN/A
PomPom ✅ Fully CompatibleN/AN/A
ProGesture ⛔️ BROKENPackixCrashes to safemode
QuitAll ✅ Fully CompatibleCharizN/A
Relocate Reborn⚠️ Partially BrokenN/ADoesn't change location
Rose ✅ Fully CompatibleTaurigeN/A
S8Edge ✅ Fully Compatible Bruno Andrade's Repo N/A
Shuffle⚠️ Partially CompatibleCreatureCodingSometimes crashes settings
Snapper 2 ✅ Fully CompatibleHavocN/A
SnowBoard⚠️ Partially CompatibleSparkDevTheming application icons are bugged
Spectrum ✅ Fully CompatibleSkittyN/A
Starfish Beta⚠️ Partially CompatibleDynasticActivating spotlight crashes
SwipeExtenderX⚠️ Partially CompatibleCharizUser apps can't be injected without no-sandbox
System Info ✅ Fully CompatibleARX8xN/A
Tako ⛔️ BROKENXyaman RepoCrashes to safemode
TetherMe ✅ Fully CompatibleBigBossN/A
Tranzlo⚠️ Partially CompatibleMiRO92User apps can't be injected without no-sandbox
TweakSettings ✅ Fully CompatibleCreatureCodingN/A
Ultrasound ✅ Fully CompatibleDynasticN/A
Vinyl ✅ Fully CompatibleBigBossN/A
Xen HTML ⛔️ BROKENMatchsticAdding Widgets won't work.
croutons13 ✅ Fully CompatibleRenN/A
dotto+ ✅ Fully CompatibleDynasticN/A
lockdown beta ✅ Fully CompatibleKritN/A

Note: The data has been obtained from PaleRa1n’s repo. Thanks to all the people involved in testing the tweaks and compiling these results.

IMPORTANT: There used to be two branches of PaleRa1n, one rootless and one tethered. Now, PaleRa1n supports tweaks on iOS 15.0 – 15.7.1 on semi-tethered, but it requires about 10 GB of space so a 32 GB device is advised. The rootless branch still exists but tweaks are not supported there.

You cannot even boot to stock iOS if your device reboots and there’s no PC with PaleRa1n you can use. The Rootless version of the PaleRa1n jailbreak works on iOS 15.0 up to iOS 15.7 and is semi-tethered (like CheckRa1n), but that one doesn’t support tweaks yet.

What if a tweak doesn’t work, or is semi-broken?

If you tested a tweak with PaleRa1n Jailbreak and it turned out not working if the tweak is not on the list, please tell the PaleRa1n developers, and me, so we can add it to the lists.

Same if you found a new tweak that works with PaleRa1n and it isn’t on the list above.

Please don’t nag tweak developers about bugs and issues. We know iOS 15 tweaks aren’t perfect. This is the very first iOS 15 jailbreak with tweaks so be patient while people update their tools.

Thank you for your patience.


Currently, only macOS is fully supported. Linux support is present but quite flaky.


Photo by Sung Jin Cho on Unsplash

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  1. Can you update the page? It still is saying that tweaks are mot supported. Also what happens if the semi-tethered palera1n iphone gets rebooted? Does it load stock iOS like checkra1n? Is palear1n jailbreak detectable by apps blocking access to jailbreak devices?

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