iOS 150 1511 Cheyote Jailbreak Latest Jailbreak Progress from Coolstar

iOS 15 has been out for a while now and everyone is eager to get a jailbreak and finally install tweaks on their shiny iOS 15 devices.

After many months of waiting, the Odyssey Team led by developer Coolstar has finally announced Cheyote Jailbreak, the direct successor to the Taurine Jailbreak released for iOS 14 months ago.

The development of the world’s first public iOS 15 jailbreak was not smooth sailing. Ever since the beginning, it was plagued with iOS 15’s new security features that make it harder to jailbreak, particularly on newer devices that include PAC (Pointer Authentication Codes).

Coolstar and her team made progress though, and against all odds, we will have an iOS 15 jailbreak soon.

AMFI and CoreTrust Bypass on iOS 15

Maybe the biggest issue the Odyssey Team had developing the Cheyote jailbreak was bypassing AMFI (Apple Mobile File Integrity) and CodeSign.

Up until iOS 14, bypassing them was relatively trivial, but with changes in iOS 15, AMFI was hardened significantly. Bypassing CodeSign and AMFI is crucial as without this patch tweaks would never work.

The breakthrough came when security researcher Linus Henze published his CoreTrust and DriverKit bugs which enabled the Odyssey Team to have arbitrary entitlements. This, combined with @xina520’s CodeSign research has solved one of the biggest issues the jailbreak community ever had.

Rootless Jailbreak, the new normal

With iOS 15 also came the ROOT File System hardening which made it impossible to remount the System partition without tremendous effort. Turns out it’s not necessary to do so in the first place. Tweaks can run all well in the /var partition.

This approach is called a Rootless Jailbreak and once tweaks are updated to work with this, the user should see no difference whatsoever.

The current status of the Cheyote Jailbreak

In a Discord post made a couple of hours ago, lead developer Coolstar announced their current progress for the jailbreak. the following things are marked as COMPLETE:

  • Getting Root.
  • Bypassing AMFI / Codesign.
  • Escaping the Sandbox.
  • Getting Read / Write access to the File System (except the System partition).
  • Shell commands working.
  • OpenSSH working.
  • Fix fork() on A12+.
  • Got legacy (Odyssey) launchd injection working.
  • USB Ethernet debug support.

What Coolstar forgot to mention is that in the meantime Procursus Bootstrap was updated (very important), LibHooker was updated, and Sileo was also maintained and tested on iOS 15.

The following items are marked by Coolstar as being currently in development for the Cheyote Jailbreak on iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.1.1:

  • Fix DYLD hook.
  • Get userspace reboot working.

As you can see, a lot of progress has been made silently by the Odyssey Team and soon enough, we will have the very first public iOS 15 jailbreak with tweaks and Sileo package manager.

What’s next for Cheyote Jailbreak?

While it’s unknown how far advanced the development is, staying on iOS 15.0 – 15.1.1 is currently the best thing you can do if you want to jailbreak as soon as possible.

The team mentioned that the initial release may support A11-A14 devices for now, with the rest being supported after that.

To further increase your chances of getting a jailbreak, make sure you disable OTA iOS Updates in settings.

We’ve also prepared a short video detailing the latest jailbreak news from the Odyssey Team.


Photo by Dennis Brendel on Unsplash

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