Cheyote Jailbreak iOS 15

The Odyssey Team has been quite active in the past couple of months developing the Taurine15 jailbreak tool for iOS 15.0 all the way up to iOS 15.1.1.

For a long time, the team got stuck at one component, AMFI, which handles the CodeSign on iOS amongst other similar parts.

It wasn’t until security researcher Linus Henze released their CoreTrust and DriverKit bugs that Coolstar and her team finally managed to go past AMFI (Apple Mobile File Integrity).

The new bug allowed the Odyssey Team led by Coolstar to have arbitrary custom entitlements and to sign applications forever. The upshot is that now applications could be signed forever without needing a re-sign every 7 days, a known limitation of free Apple Developer certificates.

Taurine15 aka Cheyote Jailbreak for iOS 15

A few days ago, the Odyssey Team tweeted a few screenshots of an upcoming jailbreak for iOS 15 called Cheyote.

After months of development, research, and struggle, the Odyssey Team is finally on the path to releasing the very first iOS 15 public jailbreak.

Cheyote is a rootless jailbreak that supports iOS 15.0 to 15.1.1 on all devices. It comes with Sileo package manager instead of Cydia and people can also choose to use the Zebra package manager if they wish.

The jailbreak is built on a modern framework based around Coolstar’s libhooker for tweak injection, Procursus for the Bootstrap, and Sileo for package management.

Why is Sileo better than Cydia?

Compared to Unc0ver jailbreak, Cheyote uses much newer technology. Cydia is surely great and many people have nostalgia for it because it was the first jailbreak package manager they’ve used, but Cydia is unfortunately way past its primetime.

After Jay Freeman (@saurik), the creator of Cydia, has publicly announced the end of life for Cydia and its purchases system, the only reason Cydia still survives to this day is the creative and painstaking work of multiple developers in the community to patch it up and keep it somehow in a working state.

Sileo is modern, fast, written in a much more modern programming language, and with a considerably better-maintained code base.

Another important point is that Sileo is kept updated and new features are being constantly added by the Odyssey Team. Cydia has long been abandoned by its creator and it now relies on third-party developers to keep it around, which may or may not be the best approach.

Sileo has a lot more features than Cydia, to begin with. From better tweak depictions to a faster and more robust way of installing the tweaks, Sileo is just better and more appropriate for the iOS 15 era. Cydia’s look and feel were not updated since iOS 7 and it shows.

Cydia is also open-source, but the fact that it’s written in Objective-C and saurik’s code is very hard to work with doesn’t help at all to keep it updated. Nostalgia only gets it so far.

Latest progress toward Cheyote iOS 15 Jailbreak

Just a few hours ago, lead developer Coolstar has posted a series of tweets confirming they’ve finally achieved fully working SSH on A13 devices.

Coolstar’s tweets are quite comforting as a working SSH usually indicates major components of the jailbreak are already working, including the Procursus Bootstrap, the exploit, CodeSign bypass, and other important Kernel patches.

What should you do?

If you want to jailbreak your device as soon as possible, stay on iOS 15.0 up to iOS 15.1.1 and do not update further.

If you’re already on iOS 15.2 up to iOS 15.4.1, Cheyote jailbreak will not support your devices at this time, but you should not update. Fugu15 will likely be released in October with support for these versions.

If you’re running iOS 15.5, iOS 15.6, or iOS 16 Beta, downgrade as fast as you can to iOS 15.5 Beta 4 which is vulnerable to the same bugs iOS 15.4.1 is, and thus it is supported by Fugu15.

SCAM warning

You should know there are already scam accounts like @CheyoteJB and @TAURINEapp which are fake and in no way affiliated with the team behind Cheyote Jailbreak. These accounts pretend to be the real teams behind Taurine Jailbreak and Cheyote but do not get fooled.

The only LEGIT Odyssey Team account on Twitter is @OdysseyTeam_.

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