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Jailbreaking for iOS 15 has been pretty slow, to say the least. Not a lot of major progress has been done, aside from some very good and interesting kernel exploits that can be used for a jailbreak.

For a while, Taurine Jailbreak developed by the Odyssey Team seemed to be coming together nicely, but it’s clear that the team hit a snag and somehow lost interest over time. Whether or not they will eventually finish it is only known to them. Coolstar, the lead developer of the Odyssey Team hasn’t commented on the latest progress, but Tihmstar, a member of the team has recently released JBINIT and a few kernel patches which are a big chunk of their checkra1n-like jailbreak for iOS 15.

In case you missed it, a week or so ago, Tihmstar teased a checkm8-based jailbreak that works on iOS 15. It couldn’t have been checkra1n because checkra1n is yet to be updated to iOS 15 and Tihmstar isn’t a part of the checkra1n team.

Tihmstar’s jailbreak is largely based on checkm8 exploit, just like checkra1n, but it was updated to work on iOS 15.0 up to iOS 15.5, the latest version at the moment.

But what about iPhone XS / 11 and newer?

Fear not. Just a day ago, a massive breakthrough has been achieved when developer @zhuowei posted proofs-of-concept for @LinusHenze’s CoreTrust and DriverKit bugs which according to RootlessJB developer, Jake James, will end up allowing:

  • Applications to be signed forever (no more 7 days re-signing).
  • Arbitrary Entitlements (very important for jailbreak purposes).
  • iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.4.1 support.
  • Supports ALL iOS devices on 15.0 – 15.4.1. Including the newest.

So if you are running iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.4.1, it’s a very bad idea to update. If you already updated to iOS 16 Beta, first WHY? and then, go ahead and downgrade to iOS 15.5. This bug won’t be compatible with your version but iOS 15.5 is better than iOS 16 Beta in terms of jailbreaking.

For the pre-A12 devices, which are iPhone X and older, the jailbreak will likely come much faster now that Tihmstar released their JBINIT Ramdisk which is essentially more than 70% of the jailbreak. The kernel patches Tihmstar released work for iPhone 8, but the Ramdisk is universal for the checkm8 devices.

Of course, developers who wanna turn this into a real jailbreak can provide their own kernel patches for the rest of the devices. They already have the blueprint from Tihmstar, so expect a checkra1n-like jailbreak for iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.5 for iPhone X and older rather soon.

For the newer devices like iPhone XS, XR, iPhone 11, 12, 13, etc. the situation isn’t as black and white. The release of the CoreTrust bug is a major breakthrough and it can lead to Taurine being completed, depending on whether Coolstar still wants to work on it or not.

Either way, in the initial phase the jailbreak for these devices would be iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.1.1 only because we don’t have a kernel exploit for iOS 15.2 and up available yet. CheckRa1n-like jailbreaks don’t need the exploit because the checkm8 BootROM exploit allows them to patch the kernel as they like.

Eventually, once a kernel exploits for iOS 15.2 and up is released, we will likely see the CoreTrust bug used up to iOS 15.4.1.

Should I stay or should I update my iPhone?

The worst mistake you can do right now is to update to the newest version. In fact, that’s a major mistake all the time. The newer the version, the fewer exploits we have publicly available for it. The fewer exploits, the more time you have to wait for a jailbreak. By that time you will probably update again and again which means you will never have a jailbreak but you will complain about it on Twitter.

Don’t be like that. Stay as low as possible and wait for a jailbreak. Whether it takes months or not, depends on how many good quality exploits we have and how many talented developers to put them together into a jailbreak tool. This community is notorious for being truly obnoxious and insensitive towards the developers by constantly complaining, nagging, and asking wen eta jailbreak pleez?

There is no ETA. No release date. We don’t just know the date of release but chose to keep it secret to annoy you. Jailbreak development is not an easy task, especially on iOS 15 which has changed the landscape a lot. New security systems, improved exploit mitigations, hardware protections, you name it.

Apple did all it could to make it hard to create a jailbreak. Driving the talented developers away from the community by constantly nagging them won’t help.

I’m updating to iOS 16 because I don’t want to wait any longer.

That’s 100% your decision, but if you come to regret it once a jailbreak is released, please don’t nag the developers. Patience pays. iOS 16 Beta is a buggy mess that overheats the battery and drains it like crazy and all you get for that is a few widgets on the lock screen.

It’s barely Beta 2 which means most of the bugs are still there. At least wait until iOS 16 is fully released before installing it on your main device.

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