palera1n c jailbreak for A9 A11 devices iOS 150 1631 v200 beta 5 RELEASED with important changes

PaleRa1n Jailbreak is the true successor for the well-known checkra1n jailbreak for the A11 and lower devices, also known as the checkm8-compatible devices.

This jailbreak supports tweaks, and while Cydia is dead and this jailbreak doesn’t come with it, it comes with Sileo Package manager which is better. The jailbreak also has Procursus Bootstrap and is the only iOS jailbreak currently to support iOS 16 all the way up to iOS 16.3.1 with iOS 16.4 support in progress.

PaleRa1n-C is the biggest rewrite released for PaleRa1n jailbreak and it completely moved the infrastructure from bash scripts to a proper C program with several improvements, stability fixes, and enhancements.

palera1n-c jailbreak for A9-A11 devices (iOS 15.0-16.3.1) v2.0.0 beta 5 RELEASED with important changes

On March 22, 2023, the PaleRa1n team released a brand new update to PaleRa1n-C dubbed “tumbleweed” which is version 2.0.0 Beta 5. This update comes with several changes, fixes, and enhancements.

We highly recommend PaleRa1n users update to v2.0.0 beta 5 as soon as possible. Here’s the full PaleRa1n v2.0.0 beta 5 changelog:

  • removed palera1n droplet from the title
  • added userspace reboot option
  • added socials in credits
  • made terminal show your jbtype
  • changed the content view gradient to be animated
  • added debug options (triple tap a title in settings)
  • palera1n app colors are different depending on the iOS version
  • if you’re not bootstrapped, the loader will not display any options apart from install and open trollhelper
  • rootless will not display an option to install other package managers

  • dyld patchRemove Mach-O platform restrictions. (i.e. tvOS and bridgeOS binaries can now run on iOS, and vice-versa)
  • Update tools and SSH server in the built-in binpack.
  • kernel patchfinder does not crash on 16.4 anymore
  • Changed format or version string in CLI
  • CLI credits now go into standard error instead of standard output
  • Added flag to stop colors in CLI
  • Improved documentation regarding the fakefs flag.

All these changes have been listed in the GitHub pre-release tab available here.

DOWNLOAD PaleRa1n v2.0.0 Beta 5

Legacy PaleRa1n is now deprecated

Earlier this week, the PaleRa1n team developers carried out some important changes to the official PaleRa1n Jailbreak website and they announced that legacy PaleRa1n (the bash script version) is now considered deprecated.

According to Nebula and the rest of the PaleRa1n team, users should migrate to PaleRa1n-C from now on as it provides a much more stable and reliable jailbreak experience. The legacy version of PaleRa1n will no longer be maintained and updated going forward.

Users are advised to upgrade to the PaleRa1n-C rewrite to benefit from the latest updates and features as they get rolled out into the public jailbreak.

iOS 16.4 support on PaleRa1n Jailbreak

As far as we can tell, iOS 16.4 support is still not present due to issues with mounting the file system. The PaleRa1n team is currently working on bringing iOS 16.4 support, and the v2.0.0 beta 5 update already added iOS 16.4 fixes such as the fact that the kernel patchfinder does not crash on 16.4 anymore. This is a good improvement.

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