AppIndex Tweak RELEASED Backup Applications To IPA on iOS

Today, developer Serena released a brand new free jailbreak tweak called AppIndex which allows you to easily analyze and backup your iOS applications directly from the device. Jailbreak tweaks like this one are exactly the reason people still love jailbreaking in 2023.

This tweak not only allows you to see all the info about an app but also allows you to export that application as a whole to your PC or other devices. This is particularly useful if you want to save apps that are no longer available in the AppStore but you have them installed on your phone.

AppIndex Tweak RELEASED! Backup Applications on iOS

This free jailbreak tweak is a powerful one, packing a lot of features. Here’s a rundown of all the available features on AppIndex:

  • Analyze applications on your device (see info like size, Bundle Identifier, App Version, SDK version, etc.)
  • Sort applications by their type (System app or User-installed)
  • Search for applications by name or bundle ID
  • View extensive info about each application by simply tapping it on the Apps list.
  • Backup applications (you can export the applications as .ipa files)
  • Restore backups of apps (install even apps that are no longer in the AppStore)
AppIndex Tweak Screenshots via Chariz
AppIndex Tweak Screenshots via Chariz

Here is all the information you can view for applications with AppIndex, as specified on the Chariz repo where AppIndex is hosted:

  • Bundle Identifier
  • Application Type
  • Installation Date & Time
  • Application and SDK Version
  • iTunes metadata, such as app creator, genre, and age rating
  • Minimum iOS version required
  • Application Size

  • Status (Restrictions, Sandbox, etc.)
  • Advanced info, such as if the app supports iTunes File Sharing, if it came from the App Store, etc
  • Entitlements (Code Sign)
  • Registered URL Schemes (Useful! Some sideloaded apps may conflict because of URL Schemes)
  • Transport Security Exceptions
  • Registered Uniform Type Identifiers (UTTypes)
  • Bundle/(Group) Container(s) paths

If you want this tweak you can grab it for free on the Chariz Repo. I think it’s a pretty neat little utility that can help you make backups of your installed apps, but also see cool info about your apps. Overall I believe this is a neat Application Manager and the best part, it supports iOS 13 up to iOS 16.3.1!

It’s worth noting that at the moment, the backup feature is a bit slow, and the backup will not decrypt the AppStore apps. It merely places the .app payload into an IPA format.

For open-source enthusiasts, you’d be happy to hear that AppIndex is available on GitHub.

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