How To Fix the No provisioning profile with the requested identifier error in AltStore

AltStore, A Cydia Impactor Alternative

AltStore has long been a reliable method for installing/sideloading your iOS applications. To this day, Apple still doesn’t have a user-friendly way of sideloading applications directly to the device.

Many folks believe sideloading apps on iOS devices is impossible. This isn’t the case, you can sideload apps, but Apple imposes draconian rules on those sideloaded apps.

A good example of this is the 7 days limitation where your apps will expire and no longer be usable if you don’t reinstall them via a computer every 7 days. Another such limit is the fact that you need a developer account and Xcode to even begin thinking of sideloading an app to iOS. While there is a free developer account tier, it’s limited to 7 days, and only 3 apps are installed at a time.

What is AltStore?

AltStore, just like Cydia Impactor before it, came and simplified the sideloading process tremendously. Instead of fiddling with Xcode, developer profiles, and certificates, all you have to do is to install AltStore, link your Apple ID (or a burner Apple ID), and sideload away.

You are still confined to the 7 days limitation and you may only install 3 apps at the same time, but you can easily refresh their expiration date from the AltStore app as long as you’re connected to WiFi and AltServer runs on your PC.

How To Fix the “No provisioning profile with the requested identifier” error in AltStore

Recently, Apple changed something in the way applications are signed that broke AltStore.

Trying to refresh your applications resulted in an error that states “No provisioning profile with the requested identifier“. This prevents the applications from signing and installing properly.

If you have this error on AltStore, it’s very important to not delete the installed apps. Even if your apps are no longer open because they expired and they say “Application is no longer available” you should keep them installed because that preserves their data (preferences, progress, accounts, etc).

To fix the “No provisioning profile with the requested identifier” error all you need to do is to update AltStore, as developer Riley Testut pushed an update that fixes exactly this issue.

There’s a catch…

Installing AltStore 1.6.2, the update that fixes the issue requires you to do it directly from PC from AltServer.

You cannot install this update directly from AltStore on the device because the existing AltStore on your phone cannot sign properly.

To fix the issue, connect your device to PC running AltServer, then on AltServer navigate to Install AltStore and select your device. You will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.

Once AltStore reinstalls successfully on your phone, you can open it and refresh the rest of your apps. Even if they say 0 days left, they can still be refreshed and they will be brought back to 7 days and working once again.

If you do this right, no App data will be lost, and you will not have to reinstall the rest of your sideloaded apps.

BONUS TIP: Bypassing the 3 apps limit on Free Developer Account

If you’re running iOS 14.0 up to iOS 16.1.2 on any device, you can use an app called WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit which you can download here.

This app allows you to bypass the 3-app limit thanks to the MDC (MacDirtyCow) exploit.

All you have to do is to run WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit before installing more apps. You can then install up to 10 apps (the real limit for free developer accounts).

Here’s a video guide on how to use WDBRemoveThreeAppLimit:

Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

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