Dopamine Jailbreak Fugu15 Max Release Is Coming Soon for iOS 150 1541 A12+

As many of you know, the Fugu15 Max project developed by opa334 is a fork of Fugu15 by Linus Henze. The original Fugu15 did not support tweaks and was essentially useless for the general public, however, it packed an excellent kernel exploit, PAC and PPL Bypass, and even a way to install it from Safari.

A few weeks ago, developer @opa334 took the abandoned Fugu15 project and decided to build a fully working jailbreak that the general public can use. Initially, the project was called Fugu15 Max and it included tweak support thanks to ElleKit.

Fast forward to April 2023, Fugu15 Max is a working jailbreak, albeit still in development, and there are already tweaks working on it. There have been 8 different public beta releases for Fugu15 Max and the development is still going strong.

Dopamine Jailbreak (Fugu15 Max) release is coming soon for iOS 15.0 – 15.4.1 A12+

We’ve known right from the start that the Fugu15 Max name will not stick, it was just a working name for the project.

Today, developer opa334 announced the official name for the tool, Dopamine Jailbreak, and a few teasers with the new UI for the jailbreak have been posted. The user interface developed by @sourcelocation looks amazing, it really has the look and feel of a polished, user-ready jailbreak.

According to opa334, they are currently in the process of merging the UI with the Fugu15 Max project and building the finalized version of Dopamine Jailbreak. This may take a while as a few more things need to be done before the jailbreak is truly user-friendly, but we’re getting there.

What’s the difference between Fugu15 Max Jailbreak and Dopamine Jailbreak?

There shouldn’t be any major difference between Fugu15 Max and Dopamine Jailbreak, other than the obvious name change and the great UI, however, once Dopamine Jailbreak is released, Fugu15 Max is officially deprecated. There will no longer be any new Fugu15 Max IPA files released because the whole GitHub project was renamed to Dopamine.

Dopamine contains all the code from Fugu15 Max + the newer updates, so the tweaks that worked on Fugu15 Max will continue to work on Dopamine, and the same iOS versions and devices will remain supported.

To make it clear, Fugu15 Max is just an old version of Dopamine. If by the time Dopamine gets released you still use Fugu15 Max, you are essentially using an outdated version of the same jailbreak and as such, you are missing out on important features and fixes.

Should I switch from Fugu15 Max to Dopamine?

Definitely. Dopamine IS Fugu15 Max, it’s just that the newer updates will no longer be called Fugu15 Max. You should get Dopamine and keep it updated to the latest version. It’s not recommended to keep using an old Beta build of a jailbreak after an update is released unless the jailbreak developer explicitly instructs you to do so.

Where to Download Dopamine Jailbreak IPA?

Dopamine Jailbreak is currently in the process of being put together, as Dopamine Jailbreak is basically Fugu15 Max (currently available in Public Beta 8) and the new UI by @sourcelocation. Once a build is available, you will be able to grab the IPA file directly from our Jailbreak Downloads page, the Download Dopamine Jailbreak IPA page, or the GitHub project for Dopamine.

For now, while developer opa334 puts it together, you can download Fugu15 Max Beta 8 which is the last public Beta for Fugu15 Max before switching entirely to Dopamine Jailbreak.

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